9 good reasons to use Starteed


We believe that the community endorsement is the key to the projects’ success. 
Supporters can make a project becoming real, not only funding it, but also and overall providing the Creator with their expertise and spreading the word to their network.
That’s why we are the first crowdfunding site that encourages people to have an active rule as Supporters, giving them the possibility to gain a credit, called Influence, and to monetize it!



Got an idea but need the budget to make it a reality? Starteed is the right place for you! On Starteed you will get the funds you need and a passionate community who will provide you with their expertise and will spread the word about your project around the world! On Starteed you can get funds for any kind of project: art, design, fashion, games, technology, the Internet, events, charities and the environment.

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Submitting a project on Starteed is very simple. Following our "Create" process, you just have to introduce yourself and your projects, set a deadline and funding goal, and determine the rewards for your supporters. This step is crucial: do your best to make your project as appealing as possible in order to impress the community and gain confidence. A video, for example, increases the success potential of your campaign. 

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Once your crowdfunding campaign has started, you need to get enough donations to reach your funding goal before the deadline. If you succeed, you need to thank your supporters with the promised rewards and then move on to project development. Your supporters will play a central role in this phase: not only will they fund your project, they will advertise it and do their best to make your campaign successful.

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Community Involvement

At Starteed, we consider the community to be the driving force behind projects. During the crowdfunding process, not only will supporters make donations, they will provide creators with expertise and suggestions on all aspects of the project and spread the word about the project to find new supporters. In the following phases, supporters will continue promoting and vouching for the project within their networks in order to find new customers as well.


An important reason why supporters become deeply involved in a project is because we give them an incentive to play an active role. In fact, all their community activities will earn them Influence credits. According to their Influence score, supporters will earn credit in terms of shares of sales revenues. A supporter's activity across multiple projects is aggregated to produce a Global score, a credit that they can use to enjoy special bonuses on Starteed.

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When your crowdfunding campaign ends successfully and you get the money pledged to you, you can finally start working to bring your idea to life! The development process is up to you and your team. During this stage, you will have to do your best to fulfil your promises. Communication with your supporters is the key to keeping them informed and engaged with the project. Once your project is complete, you will need to thank them by delivering the rewards as promised.


On Starteed, creators can focus their main efforts on the projects, saving time and energy from planning complex marketing strategies. In fact, Starteed gives you the ability to sell your products in the Starteed e-shop for free, as well as all the other platform services! The great advantage is that our passionate community is much more than a group of supporters: it represents your natural market and the most focused target you may ever have!

Social Sales

Community support is not limited to the crowdfunding stage: it continues when the product is put on sale on Starteed. In fact, supporters will increase their influence by buying it, promoting it through social sharing with large numbers of people, and by making their contacts buy it too. Supporters are not just a group of people who like your project and fund you: they are a unique marketing and promoting channel for your product as well!

Revenue Share

Finally, the effort of all supporters will be repaid. According to their influence score, supporters earn credits, which translate into a share of sales revenue. The revenue share will be earned on each product sold at a variable percentage according to the support activities completed on the platform that boost each supporter's influence. Therefore, the more a supporter does to gain influence, the higher the share of sales revenue they will earn.